Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Melissa's sweet bookcase!

Today's customer inspiration is so sweet it's guaranteed to make you smile! It's like sunshine, rainbows and puppies all rolled into one - I kid you not! Ready to get on the happiness train?

Here's Melissa's email:

Hi Susan, I bought this great bookcase at Jubilee last Friday afternoon...it was perfect for the reading & book corner I am working on for my little girls...

the bookcase is great because it has wide shelves- perfect for all those big & tall picture books. As you can see from the pics, the bookcase was wood and I decided to give it a few coats of paint...

first a linen white and then...

the top coat called Catalina Mist. Then I attempted to give it a distressed look with a bit of sandpaper.

Now the search is on for the perfect rug and little chairs/old school desks...I'll be checking the blog! :)

How amazing is that sweet little reading corner?! Don't you totally want to flip through those books, gently grab the nearest small child and read to them?

Melissa ends her email with a: Thanks - we love Jubilee! and I know I'm always gushing my thanks and appreciation right back to wonderful people like Melissa who take the time to send me photos of either how they've transformed something they've purchased from Jubilee Furniture - or simply how lovely it looks in their home just as it is - but I truly mean it. Thank you, Melissa and all my other amazing Tuesday customer inspiration contributors!

And thank you too, dear reader, for stopping by!

Hope to see you here again on Friday!