Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Nicole's lovely living room and Farrell's sweet toddler chair!

Apparently moaning and whining about how no one is sending photos for Tuesday customer inspiration does the trick - since I now have a month's worth of amazing photos to share (and it's a fabulous feeling - let me tell you!). That said, PLEASE continue emailing me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org with photos of what you've purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how great it looks - exactly as it was when you bought it - in your home - or - how you've transformed it into something EVEN better!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages - without further ado, let me show you how nice the McCreary gray sofa looks in Nicole's living room as well as a toddler chair that Farrell made fit for a king (or prince).

Though I love the McCreary sofa Nicole purchased a month or so ago - the show stopper in this photo is the amazing yellow side chair - wouldn't you agree? I love the gray and yellow combo!

Nicole writes: We are LOVING the sofa that we bought from Jubilee a few weeks ago. We've paired it with some vintage pieces and pops of yellow. People want to know where we found it so Jubilee has been a topic of conversation with our guests. So thankful for what you do!

Thank you, Nicole!

Here's part of Farrell's email:

Hi Susan! I live in the city and have been out to Jubilee on numerous occasions, though not as much as I'd like now that we have two babes. I've been meaning to email you for ages about a sweet little chair that we got at Jubilee, and I am now getting around to it. The chair that we bought ($12 maybe?) was a high chair at one point, I think, but didn't have the tray. Since we had a highchair already, that wasn't a problem - I decided to make it over as a toddler chair for my son in time for his first birthday party.

It was probably plain wood at one point, but had been painted over in white - I sanded that down and gave it a metallic gold paint job, a throne for the prince that the little guy is :).

I also added some sweet words on the front and back of the chair (with scrap booking supplies!) to make it even more special.

It was super festive for his bday party, but it actually looks great with our decor. We use it to this day (he's over two now) for all meals as well as for helping out in the kitchen! It's a modest makeover, but I thought I'd pass it along anyway.

How adorable is Farrell's son? Very! I love how the gold has an understated, matte finish to it. And the two words she chose for the front and back really do sum up the gift of children - they are indeed precious and a blessing!

And I feel very blessed by Nicole's and Farrell's emails - as well as the precious ones waiting for another Tuesday to share! Ahh, the riches...

Thank you for stopping by, dear reader! Hope to see you again on Friday when I show you lots of the goodies the guys picked up this week!