Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Emily and Luke's warm and welcoming home!

So glad you stopped by to be inspired by something a customer has purchased at Jubilee Furniture and how wonderful it looks in their home either exactly as it looked when they purchased it or how the item has morphed into something even better!

Today we're heading to Emily and Luke's lovely home. Luke is one of my best volunteer's son (thus making Emily, Gordon's daughter-in-law, in case you're experiencing a mental slump right now) and he and Emily - and their fabulous three kids - have a fun, retro style and their home is fresh and creative! Let's take a look.

Emily writes this bookcase has become the home to our antique books. I love that I get to showcase those books but that they are protected behind the sliding doors.

I also adore my kitchen table which fits PERFECTLY in my kitchen next to our island. Many people comment on it and how cute it is {I can see why - it's looks wonderful!}.

I think my favorite piece from Jubilee is our end table. It's gorgeous and fits perfectly in our space {I love the lamp with the warm wood of the table - which is gorgeous, I agree!}.

Emily - many thanks for allowing us into your beautiful home!

Have you bought something from Jubilee? Would you be willing to take a photo or two (or more) of the item(s) and email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org? By doing so you're both inspiring others and helping them see how furniture purchased in a dreary warehouse can enhance any home! Plus it's fun to get a glimpse into others' homes!

As always, I hope to see you back here on Friday for my weekly update post - and you'll want to be here because we have a very full week of fantastic donation pickups and I'll have lots to share with you!

Take care dear reader!

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