Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday’s customer inspiration is short on inspiration!

We’ve had a fairly good run of wonderful customers providing me with lots of photos of their amazing purchases from Jubilee Furniture…but, alas, our run has run out.  I’ve got nothing for you today but a thought.
The Hampton Inn in Carol Stream has been going through a complete hotel remodel which started last fall and will eventually result in 107 pieces of different furniture all in the same style/finish being donated to Jubilee Furniture.  There’s actually nothing wrong with the furniture as is – except it’s a little, ahem…hotel like!
Though we’ve priced the furniture incredibly low already, what if we offered you an even better deal – like 50% off – IF you agreed to do something creative with the piece and email me photos by the end of April.  Would you be interested?
Here are photos and the prices of the pieces:
back yard and Lake Geneva 10-27 & 28-11 047
one drawer night stand priced $18.50
back yard and Lake Geneva 10-27 & 28-11 039
one drawer chest priced $25
back yard and Lake Geneva 10-27 & 28-11 046
writing desk for $30; chair for $20
back yard and Lake Geneva 10-27 & 28-11 040
mirror for $10
back yard and Lake Geneva 10-27 & 28-11 045
upholstered chair for $30; ottoman for $15
This isn’t a fully formed idea – I’m just wondering if there might be interest. 
Update - still working on details around this contest!  Stay tuned...


Mel P said...

I've had a project rolling around in my head awhile now for a mirror! I would be up for it!

Anonymous said...

yes, very good idea

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great idea!! A good deal, too!!

junzee said...

I like the smaller size of the chairs in the hotels. My rooms are smaller in this old house. I would be interested.

Sissy said...

I would love to give that challenge a try! Great idea!
I love to redo things.
:) www.LoveSissy.com

rageagainstcomputer said...

I would take a shot at it for a TV cabinet. I am in need of something for my "man cave" (a small bedroom used for my tech stuff and video games).

Is the back solid wood/particle board that I can mount a flat screen TV inside?

I believe there are drawers on the TV cabinet as well. Are those easily removed? If they are, I was thinking about turning the drawers into just plain shelves with some wood.