Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Luke and Emily's award winning night of the spinning table!

Actually the spinning table was a new character and had only a bit part in the annual Oscar party Luke and Emily have hosted for years.  This year's party was the largest yet with 64 adults and 46 kids (yep, you read that correctly 65 adults and 46 kids PLUS Luke, Emily and their three kids!) in attendance.  The small pine table has a great solid base and the top - for some unknown reason - was designed to spin, like a lazy Susan (on behalf of Susans everywhere I do want to start some type of formal protest again naming something that is highly functional, efficient and sorta cute a lazy Susan) and purchased it from Jubilee just a couple of days before the party when they realized they were short on places to set things.

When one of the kids realized that spinning the top when it held cups full of liquid resulted in flying cups and spraying juice - Luke and Emily might have wished that wasn't one of the table's features but from the photos below - it apparently didn't dampen the party (new character, bit part, flying liquid, dampen the party - am I on a pun roll or what?!).

Luke and Emily and both sets of parents are all regular Jubilee Furniture customers and Luke's dad, Gordon, is a key volunteer without whom we couldn't do what we do (Gordon does everything from help move furniture for the Thursday design team to load merchandise for customers to recycle our broken TVs, empty water bottles and pop cans).

Thanks for a fun peek into the night's festivities, Luke and Emily!

Before I sign off, I also got an email from Monique - another regular Jubilee Furniture customer - with the following plea:

Susan - I bought this chair a while ago at Jubilee Furniture and STILL haven not re-upholstery it.  Aside from the funkadelic print, it's covered in what can only be described as Muppet fur.  No, really, you can run a comb through it.

Perhaps your viewers have suggestions on where I can take my little monster to get some new skin?

Not sure why Monique wants to mess with perfection - but to each his own!  If you have any great ideas for Monique - please leave a comment.  She lives in DuPage County.

Have you purchased something from the store and are willing to take photos and email me (sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org) with the hope of inspiring others to see used furniture in new ways?  If so, that would be peachy!

The guys have fabulous pickups all week and I'll be back on Friday with photos of some of the funkadelic (what a great word!) furniture that's been donated!

Peace out, dear reader! 


Dotti Elliott said...

Hmm. Maybe you could shave it!
And yes I like Funkadelic too!

Sindabeth said...

They call it a "lazy Susan" not in mockery of Susans, but rather in differentiating it from all other Susans, who are generally known to be anything but lazy. ;)

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in reupholstering your chair, try Valley Upholstery & Design in Batavia. Give the owner, Jesse Pitts a call at 630.879.2626 for a more information or a quote, and let him know you purchased your chair from Jubilee! Happy decorating!!

Monique said...

Thanks Anonymous! We'll give Jesse a call.