Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Jennifer's jammin' Jubilee Furniture home!

Welcome to Tuesday customer inspiration where each week I showcase something someone has purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how fabulous it looks in their home - either exactly as it looked in the store - or - how it's been transformed into something even better with the hopes of helping others see used furniture in a new and creative way (and because I'm super nosy)!

This week I have lots of photos to share because Jennifer is a regular customer who has a fantastic eye and knows quality furniture when she sees it.  This busy mom of four volunteers each week filling in at the front desk at Wheaton Youth Outreach and Jennifer's husband is on the Outreach board - so they appreciate and value what we do and use key resources - time and money - to support us.

Here's Jennifer's email:

Hey Susan - I finally am sending you all the pics of my Jubilee purchases.  I LOVE MY STUFF from there!  Wow - I have a lot of stuff from there and hope to get some more great finds.  Jennifer

got this bar high table and chair set for the basement to use as a game table

fabulous Room and Board couch for our basement - great for watching TV or playing the wii 

this is an awesome outdoor bench we got from Jubilee - love benches

got this amazing Room and Board coach for our bedroom and the little leather ottoman (also from Jubilee) makes a great little side table for the couch

I got the rectangular table plus four chairs from Jubilee - two of the chairs I put with this round table I already had and the other two I added to four chairs - I also already had - around the rectangular table.  All the table and chairs needed was a new coat of black spray paint

a great little dresser that I got for my seven year old's room - she is a little pack rat and this is filled with toys and junk.  Wanted to send you a picture soon and I didn't even have a chance to get new hardware - that will happen eventually because one of the top drawers came without a knob

we love this side table between the two chairs that we got at Jubilee - the top flips over and on the other side is a checker/chess board and if you take the top off there is a backgammon board.  The drawer stores all the pieces that came with it - great little game table in our computer room

love this bistro table and chairs - they make for great extra seating in my family room (plus my kids like to eat snacks there while watching TV)

There's not much I don't LOVE about Jennifer's lovely - and - kid friendly home!  Pretty wall colors.  Fabulous kids' artwork on the walls.  Framed photo shelves.  Beautiful patio.  Clean lines.  No drapes or blinds.  Hardwood floors.  Jubilee Furniture in almost every room...

A huge THANK YOU to Jennifer!  

And thank you too, dear reader, for stopping by!   Hope you'll come back on Friday for my weekly update post! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Birds of every feather are welcome at Jubilee Furniture!

I’m a backyard bird watcher and received my first birdfeeder easily 20 years ago as a birthday present.  I’m on my second – or maybe third – feeder since then and it’s a fairly heavy-duty affair which includes a squirrel baffler (not that I have anything against squirrels though they can be piggish creatures who empty a feeder in record time). 

I may, or may not, be known to talk to the birds as I’m filling the feeder (and I have a secret fantasy that includes a bird alighting on my finger a’ la Cinderella – or is it Snow White?) and I’ve always faithfully kept it full year round (birds get dependent – or so I’ve heard).  That is until recently.

Five weeks ago today, my husband and daughter arrived home from work to discover a frozen water pipe had burst and brought down the ceiling (and insulation and lots of water) on both levels of our split-level (in the kitchen and family room) and my normally neat and organized life abruptly ended.

Please don’t get me wrong – compared to the problems so many people are facing – this is NOTHING – but it’s had a huge impact on me and on my birdfeeder.

As I type this, I’m looking into my backyard and my extremely forlorn and empty birdfeeder.  Yep, in the chaos that’s ensued since the burst pipe my feeder has been empty for weeks.

However, empty is not a word you’d use to describe Jubilee Furniture!  Wow – we are packed with amazing furniture finds!  You’ve got to come in either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 and see this stuff for yourself!  Seriously.

Here’s a small peek at some of what’s been donated this week:

JFC 02-24-12 001

lovely – if a little faded – camel-back, floral, C.R. Laine sofa priced $195; blue velvet ottoman is $15 (something’s broken inside the ottoman and needs fixing)

JFC 02-24-12 002JFC 02-24-12 003JFC 02-24-12 004JFC 02-24-12 005

fantastic color to this surprisingly good condition vintage La-Z-Boy desk chair (see rip in second photo though) – who knew La-Z-Boy made desk chairs?  Priced $75

JFC 02-24-12 006

another cool retro piece – this time a swivel/recliner (recliner part needs some work) priced $85

JFC 02-24-12 007JFC 02-24-12 008

lots of vintage pieces this week – this time it’s a Lane cedar lined bench/table.  The bench part opens and then there are two cedar lined drawers.  The vinyl on the bench has been dented by something (those aren’t buttons or anything like that) – not sure if you can soften the vinyl and those dents would come out (but the top is screwed on so you could take it off and re-cover) – this gorgeous piece is priced $145

JFC 02-24-12 009JFC 02-24-12 010JFC 02-24-12 011JFC 02-24-12 012JFC 02-24-12 013

fabulous dining set by Marshall Field’s which includes: buffet (it has a glass insert top) priced $325; table, 1 leaf and 8 chairs (6 armless and two armed – the two armchairs are on either side of the buffet) priced $475; one piece lighted china cabinet for $425.  Can you see the beautiful inlaid wood on the dining table?  Sigh.  Love.

JFC 02-24-12 014

gorgeous Nichols and Stone chair for $65

JFC 02-24-12 015JFC 02-24-12 016JFC 02-24-12 017JFC 02-24-12 019

beautiful old trunk priced $195

JFC 02-24-12 020

lovely moss green love seat for $95

JFC 02-24-12 021

small writing desk priced $30 (needs some TLC)

JFC 02-24-12 022JFC 02-24-12 023

super nice two piece china cabinet – maybe ditch the top and use bottom piece for your flat-screen TV? – priced $195

JFC 02-24-12 024JFC 02-24-12 025

two piece micro-fiber sectional/chaise (maybe from Sam’s Club?) – needs to be completely cleaned and some reinforcing done to one part of the back frame – priced $95 (cleaning could run you $150)

JFC 02-24-12 026

another great old trunk – this one priced $65

JFC 02-24-12 027JFC 02-24-12 028

it may be be snowing – but spring and sitting outside are just around the corner (or I hope they are!) – this is a well-build, solid, heavy oval table with four chairs for $175; two extra chairs are priced $35 each

JFC 02-24-12 029

two cool retro chairs priced $20 for both – table top spins! and is priced $40

JFC 02-24-12 030

king-size head board, foot board and side rails priced $165; king mattress and box springs are $325 (super nice set)

JFC 02-24-12 031

lovely oak pedestal table, one leaf and four chairs (two with arms, two without arms) priced $225

JFC 02-24-12 032JFC 02-24-12 033

gorgeous queen-size sleigh bed (head board, foot board and side rails – missing some hardware to put together) priced $325; matching, stair-step night stands priced $145 each

JFC 02-24-12 035

pedestal table, two leaves and four chairs for $65

JFC 02-24-12 036JFC 02-24-12 037

gorgeous retro chair – no, not designed for someone with extremely short legs – it’s missing the seat cushion (easy fix) priced $50

JFC 02-24-12 038

white painted cedar lined chest for $40

As much as I wish I could say the dust, disorganization, loss of being able to walk into my kitchen, general confusion, workers in and out, and did I mention the dust.  Which. Is. Everywhere. hasn’t impacted me, I can’t.  It has.

It’s not that I haven’t had time to fill my birdfeeder –  though I was out of birdseed which compounded the problem – but I felt tired and a little depressed whenever I was home.

Thankfully, we’re in the final stretch of putting our house to rights and I have a 50 lbs. bag of sunflower oilers in my van!  Do I want to handle chaos in my home better in the future?  Yes.  Do I recognize having a fairly neat, clean and organized house are important to my mental well-being and I’m okay with that?  Kinda.

Now if only I could get the birds to help me dust!

Hope you have a fairytale weekend, dear reader!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Kari's marvelous chairs!

Hello!  Welcome to this week's customer inspiration where we showcase something someone has purchased from Jubilee Furniture in order to inspire you to see used furniture in a new and creative way.

This week's inspiration needed minimum work to turn a ho-hum set of chairs into a beautiful dining experience!

Here's Kari's email:

Hi Susan!  I'm a big fan of Jubilee Furniture store and check your blog like clockwork every Friday for the latest goodies to come in.  I made a special trip out to you in November after spotting these chairs in the background of a photo on the blog.  Happily, they were still there - and a bargain at $55 for all 4.  I finally just got around to recovering them (and painting the table they are paired with!  It's like having a new dining room!).  Here are some before and after photos.

Thanks & we'll see you soon I'm sure!


What a cozy place to gather for meals!  I love all the different elements Kari's gathered together.  It makes for such an interesting - and lovely - space!

Many thanks, Kari - for taking the time to take photos and email me!

The guys have a wild, very full week of donation pickups - so I hope you'll be able to stop by on Friday to get a sneak peek, dear reader!

Until then...