Friday, March 30, 2012

Abundance–plus more–is found at Jubilee Furniture this week! Seriously.

Long hours this week.  So much inventory I was pricing until after 7:00 p.m. last night!  Yikes.  By the time I started taking photos I was beat. 

Here’s the flip side to that opening paragraph.  Unbelievable donations this week!  I ran out of adjectives – on the price tags and in today’s post – to describe how fantastic everything is!  There aren’t enough exclamation points in the world to properly express my enthusiasm!  Stopping by Jubilee Furniture today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 is a must!  Truly you won’t be sorry if you do!

Oooh, now I’m feeling a tremendous amount of pressure!  Maybe you might NOT find what you’re looking for.  Or you find it but you think it’s priced too high.  Or someone beat you to buying it and now you’re incredibly disappointed and sad.

Are you beginning to think I’ve lost it?  Me too.  Let’s get to the photos of some of the new-to-us items from this week:

JFC 03-30-12 004JFC 03-30-12 005

cool trunk with inside storage containers priced $40

JFC 03-30-12 006

lovely moss green/tan microfiber sofa – only issue is some of the interior stuffing material has shifted on one cushion (seat cushion on the left in this photo) and you a little bit lean into the middle of the sofa when you sit there (how weird is that?) priced $95

JFC 03-30-12 007JFC 03-30-12 008

truly beautiful sofa/loveseat by Conover with a bird/floral print in excellent condition – sofa is $175; loveseat $125

JFC 03-30-12 009

equally nice wingback chair by Pennsylvania House priced $175

JFC 03-30-12 010JFC 03-30-12 011

these two denim sofas have a lovely blue-on-blue design in the fabric – some fading – priced $95 each

JFC 03-30-12 012

very nice wicker chair w/cushion for $85; wicker ottoman for $45

JFC 03-30-12 013

lovely, elegant writing desk with three drawers priced $145

JFC 03-30-12 014

fabulous purple velvet chaise in excellent condition priced $225

JFC 03-30-12 015JFC 03-30-12 016

McCreary loveseat and chair – both somewhat faded – loveseat is priced $50; chair $35

JFC 03-30-12 017JFC 03-30-12 018

amazing retro desk by Broyhill Premier priced $175 (some desk top scratches); wooden chair is $15 (and a bit wobbly)

JFC 03-30-12 019

gorgeous, fabulous, amazing, wonderful, comfy Vanguard sofa for $395

JFC 03-30-12 020

wood pedestal game table with four rolling chairs – top changes to other games or just plain – priced $135

JFC 03-30-12 021

super nice Smithe Craft three piece sectional priced $475

JFC 03-30-12 022

amazing retro swivel/rocker (actually fairly comfortable as is but you’d probably want to buy some cushions) priced $195

JFC 03-30-12 023

extra clean tan loveseat with contrasting trim – priced $145

JFC 03-30-12 024JFC 03-30-12 025

green leather sofa for $185; matching green leather ottoman for $75

JFC 03-30-12 026JFC 03-30-12 027

great Bassett sofa priced $145; matching Bassett loveseat for $120 – perfect for anyone wanting that ‘80s look – both pieces are in excellent condition.  Oval coffee table is $45 (top has some scratches) matching end tables (can you see a corner of one?) are $75 each and there are two of them

JFC 03-30-12 028

great wicker rocker w/cushion priced $135

JFC 03-30-12 029

rich reddish stain on this table with one leaf and four chairs priced $245

JFC 03-30-12 030

four gorgeous ladder-back chairs w/rush seats priced $145 for all four.  Amazing table – with pull-out leaves on both ends (pull, lift and lock into place) priced $245

JFC 03-30-12 031

Smithe Craft leather chair and ottoman (worn in spots but otherwise very nice) priced $135

JFC 03-30-12 032JFC 03-30-12 033

Rowe loveseat and chair – both are extremely nice in a lovely muted (NOT faded and you know I’d tell you if they were) floral print.  Loveseat is priced $275; chair $175

JFC 03-30-12 034JFC 03-30-12 035JFC 03-30-12 036

Florida brand bedroom set includes: two night stands – one needs the top refinished and it’s priced $40; other is just fine and it’s $55; long dresser with mirror (and there’s some sticky goop on dresser to that you should be able to remove) priced $125; tall chest of drawers for $145

If my paranoid, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde opening hasn’t totally scared you off – it really would be the perfect time to stop by the store!

Blessings to you, dear reader!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's Customer Inspiration - Sarah's beautiful desk!

Hello and welcome to Tuesday customer inspiration where I showcase something a customer has purchased from Jubilee Furniture and either how fabulous it looks in their home exactly as it looked leaving the store - or - how it's been transformed into something even more fabulous (which truly boggles the mind if you think about it).  Either way the point is to inspire you to think about used furniture in a new and creative way which in turn might motive you to walk into a local resale store (preferable Jubilee Furniture) where often the proceeds of what's sold is helping to support programs and services through some great organization (like Outreach Community Ministries) which in turn is often helping those most in need in your community.  Got it?  Good!  Let's begin!

Here's Sarah's email:

Hi.  My husband and I picked up this desk last December.  I never really liked the stain and the knobs didn't match, but it was a great price ($35) and a solid piece of furniture.  With the nice weather I finally got around to painting it and putting new knobs on (from Anthropologie).  I love it now and it works perfectly for my computer and to sew on.

Wow!  I love the crisp white paint and the orange flower knobs Sarah used!  What a lovely place to work!

Thanks so much for sending the photos, Sarah!

Have you purchased something from Jubilee Furniture that you'd be willing to take photos of and email me at with the thought of inspiring others?  If so, that would be super!

You might have noticed I didn't have a post last Tuesday.  I didn't have anything to share and I've decided to only write a Tuesday post if I have customer photos to share.  Doesn't mean I don't love you, dear reader!

I hope to see you back here Friday morning for my weekly update!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lots to celebrate at Jubilee Furniture this week!

My son turned 21 this week and the four of us were able to spend the afternoon/evening in Chicago to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Though I snap photos every week for the blog I find I don’t take pictures very often at other times and decided I wanted to document the day starting with the train ride in and ending with dinner which included a margarita for the newly 21-year old!

Every photo – with the exception of one or two – looks something like this:

Jack's 21st birthday 03-19-12 013

My big-eyed girl is always willing to cooperate but Jack makes a weird face almost every time.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look:

Jack's 21st birthday 03-19-12 001Jack's 21st birthday 03-19-12 008Jack's 21st birthday 03-19-12 009Jack's 21st birthday 03-19-12 034

That’s my boy!

Whew, I’m glad the new-to-us furniture can’t cop a pose!  Here’s a look at some of what’s available for purchase today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4!

JFC 03-23-12 001JFC 03-23-12 002

beautiful oak table, one leaf and six chairs (chairs are nice and heavy) in excellent condition priced $425

JFC 03-23-12 003

oak sofa table for $50; six seat cushions in mossy green micro-suede for $15

JFC 03-23-12 004JFC 03-23-12 005

nice swivel rockers – both show some fabric wear – for $35 each

JFC 03-23-12 006JFC 03-23-12 007

fresh-looking loveseat and sofa – both with loose pillow backs and both are faded – loveseat is priced $45; sofa for $60

JFC 03-23-12 008

You know the Cookie Monster plush toy?  This swivel rocker is covered with the same type of material.  Very fun.  Needs to be cleaned.  Priced $35

JFC 03-23-12 009JFC 03-23-12 010

nice green Sealy loveseat and sofa – both show some wear – loveseat is priced $45; sofa $65

JFC 03-23-12 011JFC 03-23-12 012

cool base on this coffee table and two end tables – coffee table is priced $65; end tables are $45 each

JFC 03-23-12 013

we have lots of very nicely framed artwork – this birdcage/bird print is $50

JFC 03-23-12 014

plaid loveseat priced $40

JFC 03-23-12 015

neat-o white laminate drum table for $40

JFC 03-23-12 016JFC 03-23-12 017JFC 03-23-12 018

since it appears warm weather is sticking around for a while you might be interested in some of the outdoor furniture we have available: first photo – top left – shows a folding oval table with six adjustable chairs with brand new cushions (tags are still on ‘em) – set just needs a thorough cleaning – all for $225; next photo shows a wood oval table with four matching chairs (everything needs to be tightened and you could re-stained or leave as is) priced $175; last photo is a drop leaf wood table – again needs to be re-stained – priced $25

JFC 03-23-12 019JFC 03-23-12 020

lovely green corduroy small sofa – two identical – priced $65 each; black IKEA square coffee table for $40

JFC 03-23-12 021

Room and Board chair and ottoman priced $225 for both

JFC 03-23-12 022JFC 03-23-12 023

beautiful Drexel buffet priced $175; drop leaf table with 3 leaves, four chairs and table pads priced $195

JFC 03-23-12 024JFC 03-23-12 025JFC 03-23-12 026

these are gorgeous hand-crafted pieces – there’s a full-size headboard with sliding doors for storage priced $40; compact nightstands $40 each (there are two of them); amazing dresser with tons of drawers for $195

JFC 03-23-12 027JFC 03-23-12 028

here’s another great dresser/nightstand set – this time by Bellini – dresser is priced $135; nightstand (and there’s only one) priced $50

JFC 03-23-12 029JFC 03-23-12 030

this – like new – Room and Board king size firm memory foam mattress retails for $1,999.  Our price?  $750

JFC 03-23-12 031JFC 03-23-12 032

beautiful tall table with hand-carved top is priced $175

JFC 03-23-12 033JFC 03-23-12 034JFC 03-23-12 035

more of the artwork that was just priced and put out this week – lots of fun postage stamp pieces (priced $25 each); the chair artwork is $20 and the gorgeous golden framed lady is $75

JFC 03-23-12 036JFC 03-23-12 037

groovy retro chair butler (is that what these are called?) priced $40

JFC 03-23-12 038

three piece Smithe Craft sectional – in excellent shape but the whole thing needs to be cleaned – priced $75

I’d probably never turn one of the photos of Jack on his birthday into an oil painting to hang over my fireplace – but I’d certainly frame a 5 x 7 for my desk and know it would make me smile every time I looked at it ‘cause that goofy faced kid is my beloved son and I wouldn’t change a thing about him!  Then again…

May all your wishes come true dear reader!