Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Joy's creative crafty armoire!

So great to see you, dear reader, back for our customer inspiration post where I show you something a customer has purchased and how amazing it looks in their home - either exactly as it looked when it left Jubilee Furniture - or how it's been transformed into something even better!

If you've missed any past customer inspiration posts - just click on the customer inspiration tab and you'll find thumbnail photos and links to most of 'em (I left off the stupid ones from my own home since they: A.) aren't very creative and; B.) were just filler until all my fabulous customers started emailing me).

If you're a fabulous customer and have purchased something from the store and would be willing to take a photo (or two or three) of the item and email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org - that would be super duper and I'd be forever grateful!

Now - onto today's very creative repurposing of a fantastic Hooker brand (high-end, gorgeous wood, great workmanship) entertainment center into craft-central!

Here's Joy's email:

Hi Susan, Here are the long awaited pictures of the craft armoire! It started out as an old entertainment unit, but I saw potential for something else!

The furniture is in excellent condition - the wood is beautiful and the piece is quality made. After a quick wash and polish, the wood was sparking!

My dad majorly helped me - he took out the old back and added pegboard. Then he built pull out drawers for extra craft supplies and a pull out piece of wood as a desk. I bought some pegboard organizers and baskets and moved in all my supplies!

It's been so nice to have - I can stop mid-project and not have a major mess to clean. And I don't have to keep my supplies in plastic tubs in the closet!

There was only one more think I needed to get - the perfect chair. The desk is too high for a dining room chair and most bar stools were too tall. I found this awesome tall chair at Jubilee last week and it's a perfect fit! It's the perfect height for the craft armoire. It's made of nice wood and heavy cast iron - it even swivels and has a foot rest! I had big plans to make the chair over, but the wood is almost a perfect match to the craft armoire and the white goes nicely with our room color. It's a perfect fit!



Wow - Joy it's wonderful! You can often find very expensive entertainment centers for fairly cheap (compared to the original purchase price) and do some amazing things - like Joy and her dad did - to repurpose them! We have one in the store which Jubilee Furniture Warehouse Manager, Dan Snyder, repurposed with adjustable shelves and turned into a mega storage piece for...whatever you need stored!

To learn more about how Joy turned a semi-boring entertainment center into a great place to craft - head over to her blog here! You'll also find other creative and fun projects!

Thanks, Joy!

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Peggy said...

Very nice - I picked up the cabinet today and am working on my sewing room - this makeover gives me some great ideas.