Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiraiton - I got nothin'!

Let's start with some facts:

  1. All Jubilee Furniture customers - no exceptions - are amazing

  2. Every Tuesday I write a "Customer Inspiration" post showing you photos that a customer has kindly emailed me of how their Jubilee Furniture furniture looks in their home - either exactly as it looked leaving the store or how it's been transformed into something even better

  3. My email address is sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org

  4. Many of the aforementioned amazing customers have sent me photos over the last year (check out all the past inspiring posts by clicking on my "customer inspiration" tab)

  5. I have no control over anyone sending me photos

  6. No one sent me photos this week

  7. There have been other Tuesdays when I didn't have anything to share and have written incredibly lame things that are actually rather embarrassing if I think about 'em too long

  8. I know from my own blog reading that some posts are A+ and some D- and that's the reality of blogging (need I remind you that Babe Ruth - one of the greatest baseball players of all time with 714 home runs also struck out 1,330 times?)

  9. Next week is another week

  10. Hope springs eternal

And that, dear reader, is all I have for you today! I'm so sorry.

1 comment:

Chicagoalleycat said...

You sure made somethin' outta nothin' - love it!