Friday, September 30, 2011

Like mother like…on the Jubilee Furniture blog!


Abby the Guest Blogger!

You don’t know me, but you probably know my mother. She’s the curly haired lady in charge at good ol’ Jubilee Furniture. She also normally writes this blog and has no problem with posting pictures of herself in the morning with hair as tall as Marge Simpson. (You should probably link to that one Mom!)  One thing you might not know about her is that she laughs so hard at birthday cards during family parties that sometimes I’m afraid she’s going to pass out. So basically, I have really good genes.

Here are a few things about me: I’m in grad school for social work at Aurora University, I would love to go to France, I’m kind of a geek, and I have an obsession with jewelry shaped like leaves.

Photo at top is me. Guess where I got the afghan around my shoulders. If you guessed my grandma, you are dead wrong. I got it from Jubilee! This just goes to show… what class? Yes, that’s right! You never know what you’re going to find at Jubilee!

Like I said, you don’t know me (well now you know me a little) but… there’s a possibility that I might know you! Quite often, my mom and I are out doing fancy lady things like going to the dry cleaners and shopping at Target. We might be browsing the shampoo aisle while I try to explain Ke$ha to my mother and she’ll stop me, gesture to a random person and say, “Hey, she shops at Jubilee!” And then I say, “Well she must be a super cool person.” This happens a lot. The point I’m trying to make isn’t that there are a lot of Jubilee Furniture customers (even though there most certainly are), but that the general manager and volunteers care enough about their vast amount of customers (that’d be you) to remember you! I don’t know about you, but that pretty much never happens to me. I went to the same Starbucks for a year in Aurora and the people there still didn’t recognize me. The people at Jubilee care about what they are doing and about their customers.

So while you’re out and about on Friday and Saturday doing your fancy lady or dapper man things like gassing up the Toyota or stocking up on fruit roll-ups and pop tarts, you might want to stop by Jubilee. I counted literally 14 things in my room alone from Jubilee Furniture, including the coolest painting ever of a peacock that I named Rupert. Now you can’t have Rupert, but below you’ll find out what’s “new” at Jubilee.

Thanks for letting me steal the show, and I hope you guys find some great stuff this weekend!

JFC 09-30-11 001JFC 09-30-11 002

black leather sofa from IKEA priced $85; art deco glass top coffee table $40; matching end table $30 (and there are two of them)

JFC 09-30-11 003

gray sofa for $40

JFC 09-30-11 004

brown futon with mattress (a very nice thick mattress) priced $145

JFC 09-30-11 005JFC 09-30-11 006

brown sofa priced $75; matching chair $55

JFC 09-30-11 007

fake fireplace (I didn’t have a chance to plug it in to see exactly how it works) priced $35

JFC 09-30-11 008JFC 09-30-11 009

southwestern style chairs priced $20 each (need to be cleaned); matching sofa for $35 (also needs to be cleaned); pine coffee table is $45; matching pine end tables are $30 each

JFC 09-30-11 01035JFC 09-30-11 011JFC 09-30-11 012JFC 09-30-11 013

wonderful bedroom set by Thomasville (a little masculine looking) – long low dresser with mirror (mirror is leaning up behind the dresser) priced $75; tall chest of drawers is $95; night stand in front of chest of drawers is $35 and the other night stand is $40 (less expensive one needs some minor top refinishing); head board opens for storage and will fit either a full or queen mattress; queen mattress shown is one of our prototype (NEW) sets from Serta which includes the mattress and box spring priced $475

JFC 09-30-11 014JFC 09-30-11 015

fabulous retro sleeper sofa from Ethan Allen priced $95; teak coffee or end table for $35

JFC 09-30-11 016

lovely older chairs – has amazing trim -  priced $45

JFC 09-30-11 017JFC 09-30-11 018

we currently have TONS of sorta standard issue side chairs that are very comfortable, well made and could be transformed into one-of-a-kind pieces with a little TLC from YOU – most are priced $25 each

JFC 09-30-11 019JFC 09-30-11 020

five drawer flat file cabinet priced $125 and we have two of them (screw missing which is why one of the drawer handles is sort of hanging)

JFC 09-30-11 021

table, one leaf and six chairs priced $125

JFC 09-30-11 022

farm style table with four chairs for $145

JFC 09-30-11 023JFC 09-30-11 024

this is a custom build entertainment center with lots of storage and display space – photos really do not properly show you how lovely and massive this piece is – donor paid $8,000 new – our price? $295

JFC 09-30-11 025JFC 09-30-11 026

McCreary love seat priced $25; matching McCreary sofa for $35 (both pieces are pretty worn)

JFC 09-30-11 027

super wonderful two piece hutch priced $125

JFC 09-30-11 028

neat-o chairs $18.50 each

JFC 09-30-11 029JFC 09-30-11 030

fabulous heart-shaped swivel stool priced $35

JFC 09-30-11 031JFC 09-30-11 032

brown swivel rockers priced $25 each

JFC 09-30-11 033

wonderful art deco desk for $65

A big THANK YOU to Abby for writing this post’s opening!  You do make me laugh, Abbers – and though I still don’t get the whole Ke$ha thing, I’m thinking I should go by $u$an from now on!  Yo?  Okay – maybe not.

Anyone else want to write a Friday post?  Mom?  Peggy?  Tara?  Alice?  You, dear reader?  Come on!  Contact me at if you’re willin’!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - LaDonna's lovely home!

Thanks for stopping by for Tuesday customer inspiration where I showcase something someone has purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how wonderful it looks (either exactly how it looked leaving the store or how it's been transformed).  If you've bought something and would be willing to take a photo (or more) and email me at - it would be marvelous (and I'd be forever grateful)!

Today we're heading to LaDonna's place to see how she added two simply items (sleeper sofa and a bed - head board/foot board) from Jubilee Furniture to the rest of her furnishings and created a very warm and inviting space!

Here's her email:

Hey Susan!  I purchased my furniture from Jubilee about one month ago and I love it.  I had my housewarming just Sept. 3rd and I got great compliments on my furniture even though they had no clue how much it actually cost me.  I purchased the head and foot board you see in my bedroom picture and the lovely light tan striped sleeper sofa in my living room from Jubilee.  Thanks so much Susan and all the Jubilee Furniture workers and volunteers.  God Bless You All.

I love the white head/foot board (they both also have tan linen upholstery in the middle) with the black furniture and those red leather ottomans at the end of the bed!  The accent rug in front of the sofa is a nice punch of color too!

Well done, LaDonna and God bless you too!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Extraordinary inventory at Jubilee Furniture today!

Top of the morning to you!  I’m super stoked to show you this week’s batch of photos because we received some unbelievable pieces for donation this week!

But first let’s review some things about Jubilee Furniture:

  • Jubilee Furniture is a division of Outreach Community Ministries and the proceeds of everything we sell – minus our expenses – are helping to support the programs and services offered through Outreach.  Outreach has the mission of restoring hope and providing opportunities to those most vulnerable in DuPage County
  • As crazy as it sounds, Jubilee Furniture is only open two days each week: Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4 – that’s it!  There are many reasons why we aren’t open more but none of those reasons are to personally tick you off – I promise
  • Everything in our inventory is donated, used furniture (though we occasionally get new merchandise like our amazing donation of prototype queen-size mattresses, box springs and foundations from the research and development departments at both Serta and Comfort Solutions – of which we still have a great selection – mattress and box spring sets are priced $475; mattress only, $325; box spring or foundation only, $100).  We offer donation pick up service – for no cost – and leave each donor with an IRS approved donation receipt (guys are out making pickups every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
  • The children’s coloring table and the sweet plastic kid’s chairs around the table are not for sale – many of my customers' children know it’s there and would be sad if it were gone
  • We hang much of the artwork created at the kid’s coloring table and one of my favorites states  “You seam like angels.”  This particular artist comes in fairly regularly with her parents and now realizes she spelled “seem” wrong and is somewhat – but not overly – embarrassed by this (I would take it down if she were truly mortified – but I told her everyone loves it and so she’s okay with leaving it hanging up)
  • We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and cash and 8% tax will be added to each purchase.  All sales are final and we do not negotiate on our prices
  • The free cookies found as you enter the store are purchased from Jewel and I usually buy whatever’s on sale.  Why they taste so much better than the cookies you buy at Jewel is one of life’s mysteries and shouldn’t be over analyzed so as to not spoil it
  • Though we don’t allow “holds” (I have seven hours on Friday and seven hours on Saturday to sell as much furniture as I possibly can – thus the no hold policy), once “sold” you have up to two weeks from date of purchase to pick up your fine furniture
  • Making you feel welcomed is high on our priority list – if you’d rather we bug off don’t make eye contact and we’ll get the message
  • Jubilee Furniture offers delivery for a fee (you’ll note one exception to the fee for delivery if you purchased a gorgeous – but expensive – $6,000 expensive – desk combo below).  The cost of delivery is based on how far from the store the furniture is being delivered to and the number of pieces being delivered (5 miles or less from Jubilee and one item – $35 to give you a starting point).  All deliveries are made on Saturday
  • There are only 2 1/2 paid Jubilee Furniture/Outreach employees that work at the store (me, Dan Snyder – Warehouse Manager and Chris Jackson – Truck Assistant) everyone else you encounter is a volunteer.  Be nice to them or they won’t ever volunteer again
  • As much as I wish I could remember everything every customer is looking for – I can’t and so I don’t have a running “when this comes in please contact this person” list.  People are more than welcome to contact me (Thursday afternoons are often best since I’m working at the store – though the store is not open – and can let you know if something specific has come in) at (630) 337-1467
  • In addition to a weekly update post every Friday morning (if no technical glitches – my goal is to have the Friday post up by 9:00 a.m. CST), I put together a Tuesday customer inspiration post which showcases something someone has purchased from Jubilee and how amazing it looks in their home.  To be showcased, simply email me ( a photo or two (or three) and you’re guaranteed to make my day
  • Though like everyone else I have good days and bad days – overall – my job as general manager is an excellent fit for me and I genuinely like what I do.  I especially love getting to know my customers and appreciate everyone who stops in

And on that mushy note – let’s continue!

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 024

great oversized chair and ottoman for $95

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 023

great color, cozy fabric on this sofa priced $50

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 025Abby's birthday 09-21-11 026

gorgeous cherry table, three leaves and eight chairs by A. Sibau (made in Italy) priced $465

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 028

working hydraulic barber chair priced $75

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 029Abby's birthday 09-21-11 030

cream color leather sofa for $45; matching chair for $25

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 031Abby's birthday 09-21-11 032

gold velvet side chair (doesn’t rock or swivel) priced $30 and there are two of them (each priced $30)

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 033Abby's birthday 09-21-11 034

these are amazing quality leather pieces by Whittemore-Sherrill – the leather simply needs to be re-stained (which I’m told is not a big deal) – the sofa is priced $165; chair and ottoman $125

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 035

lovely oval table with one leaf, six chairs and table pads priced $225 for all

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 036

counter height table with one self-storing leaf and four chairs priced $185

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 037

blue/gray plaid sleeper sofa for $65

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 038Abby's birthday 09-21-11 039

really interesting swivel/rocker chair and ottoman by eran (made in Denmark for John Stewart International) fabric is sorta a not-soft leather/suede – not uncomfortable but different – priced $295

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 041Abby's birthday 09-21-11 042

two Duncan Phyfe two drawer side tables priced $75 each

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 043Abby's birthday 09-21-11 044

these photos do not capture the beauty of these Pennsylvania House pieces – both in excellent condition – love seat is priced $275; matching sofa is $375

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 045

gorgeous Pennsylvania House wingback chairs priced $175 each

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 046

we received a set of dinning room chairs without the table – there are four chairs that look like this and two with arms – excellent condition, solid, heavy chairs – lovely lines – we’re selling all six chairs for $200 – which is just over $33 per chair!

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 047Abby's birthday 09-21-11 048Abby's birthday 09-21-11 049Abby's birthday 09-21-11 050Abby's birthday 09-21-11 051Abby's birthday 09-21-11 052Abby's birthday 09-21-11 053Abby's birthday 09-21-11 054

you might have seen a desk sitting on our floor all wrapped up and wondered what was the deal – here’s the deal – this is a high end ($20,000) beautiful desk, connecting bridge with a key board pull out, and credenza with hutch by Bernhardt (locking drawers with key) that my boss was trying to figure out if it could be used in Outreach’s offices – so was not for sale.  He has since decided that I can sell it with a $6,000 price tag (yep, you read that correctly – $6,000).  These are truly gorgeous, quality pieces of furniture!  It would be a pleasure to sit down and work at this desk – you’d probably be smarter and more productive too!  Okay – maybe I’m laying it on too thick, hey? 

Anyway, if you did buy this desk/bridge/credenza/hutch – Jubilee Furniture would deliver it for FREE to your office as long as there are no stairs involved.

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 056Abby's birthday 09-21-11 057

nice Lazboy sofa for $75; matching Lazboy love seat for $50

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 058

sleeper sofa priced $50

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 059Abby's birthday 09-21-11 061

words fail me as to how to describe these fabulous Hickory Chair chairs – Chippendale style – lovely melon color fabric – priced $155 each

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 060

this Hickory camel back sofa is also gorgeous and priced $195

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 062

fun white laminate table priced $35; white leather stools priced $10 each

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 063Abby's birthday 09-21-11 064

lovely pine dresser with mirror (can see the top of the mirror peeking out from behind the dresser) priced $145; matching armoire is $125

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 065

donor told me she paid $1,000 for this upholstered rocker – but the rocker doesn’t rock fully (you’ll have to try it out to see what I mean) so it’s priced $125

Abby's birthday 09-21-11 066

very nice coffee table for $95

May you enjoy this good day, dear reader!